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Prayer Chain Requests

prayerhandsMoving forward prayer requests for BOTH CHURCHES will begin with a request sent to Pastor Tami, and then will be sent out to each church prayer chain (or both if requested). This allows Pastor Tami to connect directly at the time the request is made, to verify if the individual would also like to be listed in our ongoing prayer list (printed in bulletins and newsletters) and follow up as needed.

Simply contact Pastor Tami at 608.385.9848 (text or call) or email at tami.harvestministries@gmail.com

If you prefer to talk to Pastor Tami in person, it may be helpful to have details of a prayer request in a written note, this is especially true on a Sunday morning when Pastor’s attention is focused on worship and she may not have the ability to create a note while talking with you. As always, your help in keeping prayer requests updated is appreciated. Prayers of thanksgiving to share are also welcome!